A running list of college student discounts at restaurants and bars


Your student ID could help you score food and drink deals.

Shake Shack
Find a special discount for college students at the restaurants and bars listed below. Bloomberg/Luke Sharrett
  • A running list of college student discounts in Greater Boston

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As a college student, you probably find that everything you do is on a budget. When you’re tired of eating dining hall food, you may want to explore the culinary options out in Greater Boston — but how? You’ll want to be on the lookout for food and drink that are delicious but also not too expensive. Luckily, there are some restaurants and bars in the area that offer discounts for college students.

We’ve rounded up a list of 12 spots around Greater Boston where you can get a good deal, when you show them your student ID. Some of these offers are only applicable to students ages 21 and older, and others only apply to students from specific schools. While you’re exploring the city, you can also think of using these discounts at various entertainment venues and travel services, like Amtrak.

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Back Bay Social

College students get 10% off brunch food items, when they show their IDs.

867 Boylston St., Boston

Bleacher Bar

College students get 15% off food at this Fenway Park spot, when they show their IDs.

82A Lansdowne St., Boston

Fields West

Take advantage of the “Starving Artist” deal. When you show your student ID, get mozzarella sticks and a PBR for $6. Students must be 21+.

87 Glenville Ave., Allston


Emerson College and Suffolk University students get 10% off for lunch and dinner when they show a school ID. Alcohol is not included.

48 Temple Place, Boston

J.P. Licks

When college students sign up for the J.P. Licks app this month, they score double points on purchases.

Multiple locations

Loretta’s Last Call

On Mondays through Thursdays, from 2 to 7 p.m., college students get 50% off appetizers, when they show their IDs.

1 Lansdowne St., Boston

Night Shift Brewing

Appetizers are half priced from Monday through Thursday, when students show a valid school ID at the Lovejoy Wharf location.

1 Lovejoy Wharf, Boston


Students get free Greek fries with the purchase of a pita, plate, or salad, when they show a valid ID. They are topped with Saloniki’s house Greek herb salt and Mizithra cheese.

Multiple locations


College students showing valid IDs get $10 burgers and sandwiches. They come with your pick of French fries, sweet potato fries, or a side salad.

166 Canal St., Boston

Shake Shack

Boston College students showing school ID get free French fries at The Street Chestnut Hill location.

49 Boylston St #4900, Chestnut Hill


College students get a cheese pizza and a Narragansett beer for $12, when they show a school ID. Students must be 21+.

327 Newbury St., Boston

Thirsty Scholar Pub

Take advantage of the “Meta Meal” deal. A student ID will get you a Scholar Burger with a Miller High Life for $10. Students must be 21+.

70 Beacon St., Somerville

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